June 14 2011 at 2:15 PM
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Response to I guess I could just come clean to the OB

If you hear that, make sure you are with an OB you are comfortable with. A good one will understand that after all we've been through, we are not your typical pg pt. I discussed with my OB and one of the nurses that I could absolutely not afford to approach this pregnancy in a re-active way - I was going to stick a needle in someone's eye if I had a m/c and was told "well now we know you need more P4 support." The truth is I may never be able to get this far again, so I get scared, and I want to take every precaution.

There is absolutely no problem with staying on P4. The timing of your OB appt is great and you can talk about stopping/tapering then, absolutely. I only mentioned it because depending on your levels you may be able to expect some fast relief from some of the symptoms like bloating, fatigue, and constipation! I saw a huge difference just when I went to every other day.

In any case, more power to you!!

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