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I actually haven't met my OB yet

June 14 2011 at 2:33 PM
JulesM  (no login)

Response to that's right

My first appt will be the 29th. The RN at my RE's office is a control freak and that's where I was getting the idea of the OB being the same.... which is probably not the case. For instance, the RN at the OB told me to stop the estrace when I got my 2nd beta saying it "did what it was suppose to do"... I questioned her and she just repeated "you are fine... time to stop it". Also when I got my natural BFP in Dec my 2nd beta didn't double but went up 62% or something like that. I asked for a 3rd and she refused, said they are only looking for a rise of 60% and I am "fine". Well... I wasn't because I m/c 2 weeks later... I may have known that it wasn't viable if I had a 3rd beta. The nurse at my ER was laughing about it saying my RE's RN is VERY in control of her patients. I know if I went to my RE she would have done what made me comfortable but I guess in a way I am a people pleaser and didn't want to be difficult.

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