Re: Only 6 weeks...

June 24 2011 at 2:28 PM
ZakiaZ  (no login)

Response to Only 6 weeks...

I think the progesterone can. That's also what I was told. Are you taking a prenatal vit.? Sometimes the iron in those can be the culprit.

I think you should drink water at night if it works for you. You're gonna get up anyway because you'll feel like peeing only to find that you only have a trickle, lol. So drink away. I was getting up 7 - 8 times a night too so I understand.

Okay, no exercise if your doc. says none. You don't wanna mess with that so I take that advice back. Once you get out of the first tri. I'm sure your doc. will let you at least walk.

Can you snack on kellogs all bran buds? They're really good roughage.

Oh I remember the 6 wks stage. It was like I was carrying the world's best secret happy.gif


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