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so remember that fired OB? even more reason to have fired him

June 24 2011 at 7:04 PM
Mrs. A  (no login)

I got my medical records within about a week or so of me sending him the firing letter.

You may recall that I had posted a couple of months back that I had some mint green discharge but no symptoms otherwise and so I *didn't* think it was a yeast infection. I went to the OB anyway for a look and he swabbed me and the swab did show some little white clumps and he told me it was a yeast infection. I was surprised since I have had yeast infections in the past and know how it feels for me but relied on this visual. That day the OB sent the swab for culture for yeast, BV and gardnerella, and told me that I could let it resolve on it's own or start OTC yeast treatment.

I opted for doing the OTC treatment.

Guess what? When reviewing my medical records I see that the culture report shows I was NEGATIVE for everything. I know it's not a big deal to have done the OTC treament but I'd rather not have done anything at all. I was operating on the assumption that he knew what he was talking about based upon the visual inspection he did of my cervix when he swabbed me. Instead he should have considered that I had been on Crinone in prior months and that this could be some leftover Crinone build-up (as some of the board ladies had suggested) vs. an actual yeast infection. Further, he should have relayed to me the results of the culture at my following visit! Considering he told me I DID have a yeast infection it would have been nice to be told I really didn't have a yeast infection.


As part of my new OB visit, they drew a CBC panel and when the results came in the nurse at the new OB asks me if I'd already been diagnosed with having slight anemia or needing some extra iron. I tell her nope. No problem - they issue me some iron supplements.

When I reviewed the medical records from the old OB, and see the results from the CBC he drew, OF COURSE, there in plain sight, the lab has the asterisks next to results for my RBC and hemoglobin and whatever else which are clearly flagged for being under the normal range. Do you think jerk OB could have bothered to tell me to take some iron supplements?! Such a simple thing!

And then this tops the cake...

The chart notes for the visit for the yeast infection...he indicates that "patient now has bleeding." OMG!!!! are you kidding me??? I have never ever at any point in this PG have had any bleeding or spotting; not a pin drop's worth. TOTAL JACKASS.

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