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I have a colleague who works in the industry....

June 27 2011 at 11:09 AM
ZakiaZ  (no login)

Response to Prenatal vitamins

She had sent me some very useful info about this. She is neutral and represents no one. Her job is to research every thing about the supps. out there and report back on quality, content, etc. She highly recommended Opti-Natal which I took, years before getting pg., throughout both pgs. and still take it today.

It has a WICKED combo of B vits. and you take 6 pills throughout the day so there is very little or no wastage since your body can only absorb so much at one time. It is NOT the best to take a one a day vitamin.

The only thing is that I had to take extra iron and folic acid on top of it but after the first tri, I didn't need the extra folic acid.

Materna is one of the worst on the market. Your body can only absorb about 5% of the nutrient content.

Presc. is not necessarily better than over the counter. Matarna costs about 50 bucks for a one month supply. It's EXPENSIVE! The main advantage to prescription is that it may be covered by some drug plans but I was looking for the absolute best and I could afford it AND was available where I'm located so that was my choice.


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