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June 30 2011 at 3:24 PM
DeeinNYC  (no login)

Response to Lovenox - any information greatly appreciated!!!


I have not used Lovenox yet BUT am compound heterozygous for MTHFR and visit three message boards that I think you will find very useful on this issue. The first is teh MTHFR board on Yahoo and the Reproductive Immunolgy group on Yahoo. When I say these ladies know it ALL...they know it all. Warning though...they will likely advise you to take it as you have both MTHFR and anticardiolipin AB IGG. There is also a group dedicated just to people on lovenox on Babycenter called "Lovely Lovenox Ladies."
I think that with just the one copy of the MTFHR, baby aspirin is all that is normally indicated, but with the other issue...they might advise that you take the Lovenox. GL to you!!

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