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how are you doing?

July 31 2011 at 10:32 AM
juliemam(grad/co-mod)  (Login juliemam)
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Response to I cannot thank you all enough for all the suggestions.

When I had nausea strong enough to stop me from eating (the horror!) I was given advice to go run and get some diclectin (sp) from the OB but for some reason I didn't want to so looked up vitamin B6 and took extra B6. Can't remember the dose but a bit in the morning and a bit in the evening. Probably the lowest does I could find figuring if it didn't work, I could increase the dosage. Helped somewhat, wasn't a magic pill which was fine with me since to me, if I felt a wee bit nauseous, it meant that all was well (I am sure you know exactly what I mean) lol

good luck figuring out what works for you.

if ginger helps, try grating fresh ginger root into a pan of water and fill with water and without it coming to a boil, let it simmer and drink when you figure it's ready (works by simply pouring boiling water into a cup with grated ginger too which is why I am so loosey goosey about the method) happy.gif
Ginger, for me, made me feel worse.

Also, remember that the big nausea is caused by low blood sugar so grazing really helps which is why I think crackers helps--nice bland carbo snack.

good luck

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