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This is the fun part...

August 3 2011 at 1:50 PM
JulesM  (no login)

Response to Baby names

But I can understand how it can be stressful. It's funny but we tell everyone what our names are... but I have had these names picked out well before I even got married so most my family and close friends always knew what we would pick. Thank God DH is on board with them, lol.
Anyway, I can understand the frustration of having to listen to other peoples opinions. Funny but I was just going through an aggrevation myself. We are team green (for now) but EVERYONE who looks at my US pictures says straight out "BOY". It is driving me nuts! I mean this is a head profile, that is it. I know it's the hormones but I started getting a little annoyed today when my co-workers keep bringing up that I am "definitely having a boy". So now I am hoping for a girl to prove them wrong.
BTW... I personally LOVE Sebastian!

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  1. LOL! - Maru on Aug 3, 1:56 PM
  3. Curious - tanya on Aug 3, 2:20 PM
    1. My names? - Maru on Aug 3, 2:36 PM
      1. I like them all! (n/t) - Tanya on Aug 3, 2:45 PM
    2. My Names - JulesM on Aug 3, 3:12 PM
      1. I really like those Jules! - tanya on Aug 3, 3:25 PM
        1. Great names w/ great meanings behind them... - JulesM on Aug 3, 3:34 PM
          1. Thanks Jules - Tanya on Aug 3, 4:37 PM
            1. I just came out! - JulesM on Aug 3, 4:50 PM
              1. Conselor - Tanya on Aug 3, 6:01 PM
        2. LOVE MaryAnne!! - Maru on Aug 3, 3:35 PM
          1. Thank you - Tanya on Aug 3, 4:36 PM
      2. Oliver! - Maru on Aug 3, 3:34 PM
        1. OMG... love it! n/t - JulesM on Aug 3, 4:06 PM
        2. oh my, I love this too!!!! so sweet! nt - juliemam on Aug 3, 10:20 PM