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that is wonderful news :)

August 5 2011 at 7:49 PM
juliemam  (Login juliemam)
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Response to NT results

and I know you are worried about the symptoms going away. Iand I feel for you because you have reason to be worried (prev loss) BUT I can tell you that with me (and I am sure others will chime in with similar experiences) that once that placenta takes over, the symptoms take a break. It drove me insane.

I was so convinced that at my 18wk us (back then and it's wasn't really that long ago, there wasn't NP testing, only triple screen so no u/s at 12wks. CAn you imagine??) there would be terrible news. I was sick with worry and I didn't say a word to DH because I just knew he wouldn't understand and try to make light of my worries or he'd be even more worried than I.
It was the kind of u/s that you had to drink water so I also drank some juice to make sure the bean wouldn't sleep through the exam and give me a heat attack. happy.gif He was candy for my eyes even though I was crying through the whole u/s. Soon after that I could feel the flutters and that was a huge comfort to me.

I hope that you feel the flutters soon and that the nausea comes back in a minimal way to help give you comfort. Hang in there, this is the hardest time for sure.


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