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Last post of the night for me...saw a video during Childbirth class

August 10 2011 at 12:29 AM
Mrs. A  (no login)

Last night was our first (of 4) childbirth classes.

They showed a birthing video. They showed various women as examples during various stages of labor. For the delivery example, they showed a woman who gave birth while on her hands and knees. There was a sort of very low collective sigh, breath-taking in the room.

At the end of the video the instructor asked if there were any questions. HELLO????? of course, there are questions. I immediately asked "is it common to give birth while on all fours???" I've never seen such a thing and the rest of the couples murmured in agreement and were thankful for my question because they were thinking the same thing.

The instructor said that it's NOT common and she wasn't sure why the video would focus on delivery in such a way. The lady in the video was delivering in a regular hospital so it wasn't like some homebirthing kinda thing. There was medical staff involved and the like. Anyone else heard of this?

The other thing, I have to say I was like an immature 16 year old boy watching this video!! Some of the scene set-ups were just out of control hilarious to me!!! In one shot there's a lady leaning on a birthing ball, on all fours, rocking back and forth making these sounds that to me sounded totally sexual and one of her birthing partners is kneeling directly behind her. In another scene the woman is on all fours on the hospital bed, nude from the waste up (only wearing underwear) and her partner is directly behind her rubbing her lower back/butt while she's moaning away.

Has anyone seen this video?? Again, I know I'm probably being immature with this but I just couldn't help but think this was a bit of a non-traditional video. Is all this stuff normal?? I just didn't imagine labor with me in just undies rocking in a bed on all fours and DH rubbing my butt.

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