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if you haven't already

September 7 2011 at 9:03 PM
juliemam  (no login)

Response to .....i cant poop!!!

be sure to drink extra water, count the glasses if you have to.

the only thing that helped my plumbing was prune juice. I'd drink 1/2cup and wait 30 min before drinking another 1/2cup. If that didn't bring it on, I'd wait until the morning and see what happens and drink another 1/2cup if needed.

Metamucil bloated me up, stool softeners didn't help either. Seriously, prune juice was my new best friend.

The other thing I started doing was mark down the days I went. Other wise my memory was unreliable. On third day of no meaningful bathroom time, I'd reach for the prune juice. Besides, by day 4 I was starting to feel really bad.

and yeah, I'd say it's the progesterone, it relaxes the intestinal muscles. And oddly, the few times I got diarreah (sp?) it would give me hemroids. Go figure. (then witch hazel became my other new best friend)

good luck!

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