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still losing weight....

September 8 2011 at 1:54 PM
bigboy  (no login)

i dont know if it's a big deal or not....i lost 2 pounds right away (like before i knew that i was pregnant) but that always happens when i conceive - i lose 1-2 pounds. but i weighed myself today and noticed that ive lost another pound-pound and a half...i dont do any exercise bc im so tired and, despite the nausea, im not throwing up and i can manage to get food in me (mostly cereal). but for example, today, i had 3 bowls of rice krispies for breakfast and then two bowls of coco puffs for lunch. do you think this is a big deal or is this somewhat normal in the beginning? i didnt continue to lose weight with my son...but maybe im just burning more calories because i have twins right now? im going to mention it to my doctor when i see him next week...but i dont think hooking me up to an IV or anything is necessary since i can get food down....idk. i know a lot of people lose tons of weight in the 1st trimester from throwing up and they are fine...but im already really thin to begin with so that's why im just a little worried...

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  4. babies are OK - sch1star on Sep 8, 2011, 4:14 PM
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