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I also followed the Ped's schedule

September 24 2011 at 3:14 PM
Kristen  (no login)

Response to do you know anything about vaccines? MMR ?

Which is what is recommended by the AAP. I'm pretty sure the MMR was done at DS's 12 month visit and its now a single shot (they don't split it up anymore). I think there are follow up booster shots, but I'm not sure at what years they are given, but the ped can give you the recommended schedule. I was really worried about the MMR, especially since they won't split that one up anymore, but at the end of the day... what do you do?

My ped seemed to split up the 12 mo vaccines a bit more than what I've heard. DS only had a few shots at the 12 mo, then went back for 15 and 18 month. So, I was relieved for that. I think at the 12 month he only had the MMR and maybe 2 others.

I was considering using an alternative schedule, but then had been reading that the much of the controversy stirred up by the MMR and other vaccines were based on studies that were considered flawed.

Just my 2 cents...

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