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Re: traditional pg boards drive me crazy!

September 26 2011 at 12:35 PM
bigboy  (no login)

Response to traditional pg boards drive me crazy!

hilarious. you didnt by chance to go did you? what a bunch of as*holes over there.

im all about mothers doing whatever they think is best. but not getting vaccines really bother me. only because every pediatrician tells you to get your children vaccinated. i am reading more and more articles now, about how it can cause real problems with different illnesses...many babies cannot get certain vaccines in the beginning, so if they around an older child who has not been vaccinated, it could get really bad. if the child is allergic or something to the vaccine that is a different story.

there is a little girl in my playgroup who did not get vaccinated for whooping cough. and she gets sick all the time. sure enough, she managed to get it, and gave it to a 2 month old baby.

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  1. I'd sue those parents if that 2 month old baby was mine!! - Alli on Sep 26, 3:35 PM
  3. totally agree about the vaccinations... - holleigh on Sep 26, 4:02 PM
    1. That's how it is here - Alli on Sep 26, 4:52 PM