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NOTHING again CD'ing Moms at ALL....

September 27 2011 at 12:03 PM
holleigh  (no login)

Response to You know...

I was frustrated when I made the original post.

My problem is with all the Moms who will not vaccinate (as opposed to delaying... again, nothing against that), who will not take a flu vaccine; and then who attack me for choosing these options. The majority of them also just seem to CD... coincidental perhaps! I think both diapering methods cause waste... and I do not see one as superior to the other at all.

I also beleive that circumcision is a totally personal choice. What bothers me is when people with opposing views get all righteous and judgemental (from either side).

I am actually contemplating delaying Hep B this time around... something I have never considered in the past.

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  1. We have - Wren on Sep 27, 2:02 PM