Re: Is it possible that you're dehydrated?

October 9 2011 at 10:48 AM
bigboy  (no login)

Response to Is it possible that you're dehydrated?

i thought i was on thursday bc i cant really drink water (it upsets my stomach) but i bit the bullet and started drinking a lot more since then...i can keep it down but its uncomfortable. i thought maybe that was the problem though. i dont think so now though bc ive been really keeping track of it. i just dont know what to do anymore it's really putting a strain on my relationship with my husband and a strain on my relationship with myself bc i have such low self-esteem from this (bc i cant do anything that i used to do). and i dont suffer from self-esteem issues. i go 3 days without showering because it's too much effort. i feel like an invalid.
i will call the doctor tomorrow as they arent open on the weekends. but the biggest problem is the nausea which i know they cant do anything for. i dont have the hypermesis gravideum (or however the hell you spell it) - that's when you need to be hospitalized for an IV bc the vomiting is uncontrollable and you cant keep anything down. so i feel like the OB will just give me some sympathetic eyes and just be like "whatever, it will pass". i dont think OBs take m/s seriously at all.

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