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IUI inexperience ... time to BD? Progesterone support?

October 9 2011 at 1:18 PM
Anonymous  (no login)


I just converted from an IVF to an IUI because I only had 3 mature follices after high stims and my doctor said I needed more to proceed with IVF.

I never had an IUI before (although I have done previous IVFs). I asked if I should still take the crinone (progesterone) and RE said yes, start 2 days after IUI.

I'm confused. With IVF, they start crinone 2 days after transfer (which would be several days after fertilizations). But, since IUI is so different, does 2 days make sense?

Also, I did a trigger shot and then had the insemination roughly 36 hours later. I have no idea whether I ovulated yet ... should I go ahead and BD?


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  1. You're good - Meg on Oct 9, 3:14 PM
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      1. Don't think so... - Meg on Oct 9, 9:22 PM
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