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DHEA help please.

October 9 2011 at 1:28 PM
nadia80  (no login)

I am a POFer..diagnosed at age 24.

I recentky started DHEA because my level was like a 3!! I am taking an OTC called Earth's creations DHEA 25mg twice a day along with my HRT and Vitamin D.

Can anyone advise on on the whole DHEA thing..I am currently working abroad and there is no Prescription DHEA , the one got is from a reputable IVF clinic here and is only sold in two hospital pharmacies.

I think this is my last call..I never thought in my years as a POFer to check my DHEA till last Feb I was advised to do so from teh New High fsh forum.

Any insight or nice stories can help.


ME 31

current protocol Vitamin D supplements and DHEA ,HRT.
and ofcourse the New high fsh forum for emotional relief (since 2004)

POF since 2004 no AF:(
on and off HRT for 6 years
highest fsh 93 45.
No thyroid problem
No Autoimmune problems
No Genetic thingy problems.
Just sleepy ovaries


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    1. Alii...but could this negative for me? bcuz I think I may need it with a DHEAs of 3 :) & - nadia80 on Oct 10, 2011, 11:56 AM
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  8. Thanks for ur responses...I guess being a POFr and DHEAs of 3, I will - nadia80 on Oct 11, 2011, 8:16 AM