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had yet another ultrasound (5th one!)

October 11 2011 at 12:13 PM
bigboy  (no login)

really just to get my husband and my mom off my back! they were so insistent about having another u/s and talking to the doctor about my concerns from last week...and it went exactly how i thought it would go. some sympathetic eyes about my m/s and that's it. after we left i was like "see i told you that they cant do anything". the doctor was only worried if i was dehydrated which it looks like im not. he doesnt even really care about weight which was nice to hear as well so my mom can stop harping on me about that ; ) i know my loved ones are just worried and care so i try not to get too annoyed by it but it's hard when you just feel like crap all the time. i did ask to get my thyroid checked again even though i got it done 2x in the just pyscho about it bc of my family history. i guess it takes two weeks for the results to come back which is annoying.
anyways the ultrasound was fine, both babies looked really good, the doctor said they looked great in fact, no issues. they are both measuring 12w4d now and im 12w2d. they looked big this time around....we did a topical ultrasound too which was a nice change from the vag wand!
i felt better yesterday and today in terms of the nausea but im scared to even type that bc what if i jinx myself. still really tired but the nausea hasnt been as bad...

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