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Thanks Juliemam....

October 22 2011 at 9:11 AM
holleigh  (no login)

Response to it's been a while but I thought groupB meant c-sec?

Being GBS+ means that baby is at risk of contracting GBS during birth. SO Mom is given IV antibiotics 4 hours before birth. Ideally, if they can get at least 2 full doses in that is best. Then from what I understand they need to readminister ever 4 hours during labor. So in that sense... having the induction makes sense b/c you are guaranteed to get the antibiotics.

A c-section does alleviate the possibility of contracting GBS so long as it occurs before water breaks. But I am really hoping to avoid that due to my 21 month old and the fact that DH is only taking a few days off. I also have older kids that need caring... I do have an 18 year old daughter in the house MWF (she goes to school on T-TH), as well as a Mom that lives just one town over. We could not afford a nanny, so I wwould have to rely on my family and friends for help.

I am nervous though b/c some research suggests that the induction can cause a really long labor, the possible use of foreceps (which could nick baby's head... making contraction of GBS greater), the use of internal probes and frequent internal checks also increase likelihood that baby can get sick.

However if baby is still Transverse... my only options are induction after sucessful version, or c-section.

If baby if going to be really big... I want to give birth sooner rather than later! Plus I know how hard my last birth was (first birth after losing Jaiden). I am worried that labor is going to once again send me to that dark place. I just got so scared and out of control at the end last time. SO far I am trying to remain calm. I just wish we did not have so many damn issues!!

XO ~ Holleigh

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