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Just catching up on the board... (and update)

November 5 2011 at 9:44 AM
JulesM  (no login)

I always feel a bit guilty when I am MIA from here... looks like everyone is doing well though!

I have had a bit of a stressful few weeks. My sister was being worked-up for possible ovarian cancer. She is only 40 with 2 small boys so as you can imagine this was such a stressful, scary time. She had surgery to remove her left ovary and tube last Fri and thank God the priliminary microscopic pathology which they did in the OR showed that it was most likely a borderline tumor (a non-fatal, non-malignant type of cancer) so they just took a few more biopsies from surrounding areas before closing her up. If they suspected cancer they would have taking both ovaries, tubes and uterus. She is still waiting for the final pathology but her surgeon who is a top notch oncology surgeon at Dana Farber Cancer Institute and he said he does not believe this will turn out a malignancy. She will have to have her CEA levels checked every 3 months for the next 5 yrs which will indicate if the tumor is coming back. We are all just so grateful this turned out ok.

I also had my follow-up US at 29 weeks to check on the previa. Well... it looks like it is still there and the baby is lying way up at the top of my uterus and transverse. I have been very lucky that I have no complications with the previa. It looks as if the thick part of the placenta is laying low but as it thins out it is completely wrapping around my cervix... so unlikely to move. I am obviously on pelvic rest but have no other restrictions, thank God. I want to be able to work until right before delivery. I have 12 weeks of full pay maternity leave so anything more than 12 weeks will be unpaid, and that will stress me out.

Other than the placenta issue, the baby is looking great! Measuring in the 85%, weighing almost 3.5 lbs at 29 weeks, yikes! They aslo said he/she already has a full head of hair.

I will go back at 33 weeks for one more check of the placenta. I already have my c-section scheduled though and as of now it's for Dec 31st... a liitle New Year's Eve Baby! I am hoping to make it to that date, I will be 38 w and 1 day... they like to do the cs for previa between 36 and 38 weeks but my OB said as long as I con't to have no complications she is ok with me going as long as possible.

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