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Follow up

November 13 2011 at 9:42 AM
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Response to Formula

Hi ladies, thanks for all the info. Sometimes my posts are not so eloquant in what I am trying to get across. I haven't decided what formula or even diapers I will use until the bean gets here. But the consumer/shopper in me is doing a little recon work before he gets here. For my on sanity, I want to know who has the best prices pre coupon for both diapers and formula. For instance whether there is a big difference b/w the supermarket, Walmart, CVS' and bulk stores. I always see the deals in the paper and b/w all the size packages it can be hard to distinguish if your truly getting a good deal or not.

As for formula, these marketers really do a number on us thru the years. I can totally see myself falling in to the name brand trap.

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