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November 18 2011 at 6:20 AM
juliemam  (Login juliemam)
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Response to Nursing bra or tank recommendations

I found it daunting to choose one before I actually needed it so I hear you happy.gif

In the first few days, depending on your size, of course, it's easier to go bra-less unless you are having leaking, then the pressure of the cup will help a bit--with a nursing pad in place.

I have tried quite a few and hated Bravado (the buzz bra at the time when I was nursing my DS, 8yrs ago--whoa, time flies) -hated the clips that were hard to do, hated the strap that went in my arm pits, hated the uni-boob it gave my chest.

I really liked Warner's nursing bra, this site doesn't show how it clips down to reveal an inner layer that has a cut out for the necessary bits. The clip is easily done one handed. The outer layer can be pulled up to cover up and will stay there until you clip it--The Bravado tank I tried was hard to do one-handed. I a not-quite so full C cup and filled that C cup better as a nursing mom--some women do get much bigger as nursing moms, you'll just have to wait to see what your body does. I'd buy two now and expect to go shopping, otherwise you are spending a lot on something you won't need or hate.

The first month, my breasts were prone to blocked ducts all due to pressure of a badly fitted bra so I pulled out my tank bras that could stretch and wore those if I had to wear something, otherwise I went bra-less until my milk-station figured out how much to make and how often.

You might be one of those moms who lose weight easily as a nursing mom. I was one of those that didn't. (small sacrifice. lol)


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