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Question for post-delivery mothers

November 22 2011 at 4:54 PM
Bethpky  (no login)

The "glow" of pregnancy has now subsided much to my dismay. Unfortunately, the hormone drop has been more significant that I'd hoped. My hair began shedding about a month ago, and today I pulled out what seems like a handful when I washed my hair this morning. Has anyone experienced such a thing? Could it be tied in with breastfeeding?

I actually went to my old RE today, and he's testing my TSH, iron, Vitamin D, etc. In addition to testing those things, I asked him to test my AMH, FSH, E2, etc. just to see where I am on the menopause scale. DH and I probably won't TTC again, but I'd somehow feel better having a doctor tell me that I'm probably not likely to conceive again rather than pulling the plug on my own. I'm having significant issues with pelvic prolapse (hopefully none of you will experience this), so my treatment options are dependent upon whether I intend to go through labor again.

Spencer has his first ear infection, so I'm learning what it's like to be a working/nursing mother with a sick child. God bless the mothers of the world! We wear many hats. I'll gladly take all suggestions on time management.

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