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BLESS YOU, Wells42!!!!!! (AND UPDATE!)

December 27 2011 at 7:14 PM
Sara H.  (no login)

Response to My temps dropped - my chart (success mentioned)

That was JUST that I needed to see! Wow, my dip is just a few days past yours but SOOO similar!

I totally believed all of you ladies, I swear, but seeing this and...

My GP popped me up on the table and did a quick sono! No heart beat but there was a bubble! In the right place, one we could see but could not see anything inside. However, she is not a sono tech she is a GP. I thought, twice, as she was doing the sweep, that I could see a little -something- in there. I think I can see it on the photo, too. Like tiny line. But, as we thought, no heartbeat visible. But also no obvious signs that the lining was shedding or something other than growth to cause cramps, so that is good, I am guessing?
(Would you see anything?

Still, between these two things and all your advice I do feel much better. Thank you so much!

Sorry to be so dramatic, just really jumpy and trying not to be!

Hugs to you all and thanks!
Sara H

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