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moving from RE to OB

January 3 2012 at 11:57 AM
jnoels  (no login)

Hi Ladies,

So my RE (and my health insurance) is officially graduating me and passing me off to my regular OB. Had an u/s yesterday and things looked good. Everything is measuring on track ( 7weeks), and the heart rate was strong 141. However, I am still feeling REALLY anxious, and I really, really, really wish I could stay with Check for a few more weeks.

A couple of questions for you gals about moving back to your regular OB:

1. I have an appointment for 2 weeks from now, when Ill be 9 weeks. Should I push for one sooner?

2. This office does not perform u/s or scans in the office they send you to a differently facility for that. I feel like that cant be standard practice. Im considering switching OBs for a variety of reasons, but I wanted to hear from you ladies first: there ARE OBs who do the ultrasounds and scans in their own offices, yes? It seems like that would have to be the case. (Nervous about this in part b/c if I go in at nine weeks, and THEN schedule an u/s it could be as late as 11 weeks, and I really, really, really dont think I can wait that long.)

3. I know that Ill be a high risk pregnancy two previous miscarriages and 36 at delivery. Should I push to go ahead and make a first appointment with a perinatologist, rather than a standard OB?

4. For anyone in the Philly area suggestions for a great OB?

Thanks, ladies!

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