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Birth Story

January 6 2012 at 2:13 PM
JulesM  (no login)

We did it! DH and I have made the most perfect little being I have ever seen (with the help of science LOL). Little Rose Fiona arrived by planned c-section on New Year's Eve at 11:31am. She came out with a massive head of hair and roaring lungs! I'm proud to say she scored a 9 and a 9 on her 1 min and 5 apgar scores happy.gif

We arrived at the hospital at 8:30 am, IV was started and consents signed, etc. I was brought into the OR at 11am for my spinal. It was uncomfortable but tolerable. I had a weird "warm" sensation through my body and then a pins and needle type feeling down my legs. They put the catheter in my bladder then and while they were doing it they had my legs bent. I lost all feeling at that time so as I was recovering and couldn't move my legs I felt they were still bent because that was the last sensation I had... weird to look down and see them straight. Anyway, after the catheter was placed they had my husband come in... it was 11:20am. I heard them say "incision made" and then a few minutes later said "we can see the baby and it has a head of hair! We just have to wait for the pediatrician before we take it out". Ummmm... wasn't quite sure why the pedi wasn't there in the first place but whatever. The pedi arrived and out she came!! The anesthesiologist was to my left and she said "it's a girl!" but DH didn't hear her so he found out it was a girl when they lifted her up and gave us the money shot. DH started crying "It's a girl!!". At that point they must have cut the cord because we heard her wailing! Best sound in the world! We were both laughing and crying. She weighed 7lbs 7oz and was 19 inches.

DH had gone over to take pictures while they were working on me. I started feeling really crappy then and like I may pass out and was nauseated. They started having trouble with my bleeding and my uterus wasn't contracting. They had me on a pictocin drip but ended up giving me a IM shot in my arm to help with the "tone" of my uterus. I got some zofran and started to feel a bit better. At that time they brought her over to me and I forgot how bad I felt. I found out later I lost 850ml of blood... YIKES!

We then went to the recovery room where I got to nurse her almost immediately. We stayed in recovery until about 3pm and then went to our room and Rosie got to meet her Grandparents and Aunts an Uncles. I had a very easy recovery. I was only taking motrin for pain and was up and feeling pretty normal by the next day. I nursed almost every 2 hrs during the day to help my milk come in which did work. My milk started to come in on day 3 which is early for a early c-section. I ended up going home a day early on Tues.

Rosie had a rough night Tues... we really didn't sleep, but I was expecting that. By last night she was doing really well. I am nursing every 3 hrs and she is latching great and nursing 20 min on each boob each time. She fell right asleep after each nursing session so I got 2 hrs of undisturbed sleep between feedings, which sadly enough is wonderful! I am exhausted but still on a high. No matter how tired I get I remind myself that this period doesn't last and my job right now is to feed and comfort her. I can do that while being exhausted happy.gif

I would love to put a picture up but not sure how to do it... so if anyone can talk me through it I'll give it a try.

Rosie is just a peanut. She lost 10% before we left the hospital so was 6.11 but at her first pedi appt on Wed was up to 6.13. She came out with this matted curly hair but after a bath it's pretty straight and about 3 inches long... she is styling the bows happy.gif

I am madly in love with this little darling. I am the happiest I have ever been!

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