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January 26 2012 at 3:18 PM
Alli  (Login Alli2009)

Response to IVF

Age: 30 at successful pg

Other diagnoses: endometriosis, anti sperm antibodies, low morphology

FSH/AMH Readings: Mostly in 7's, CCCT Day 3 10.4, Day 10 16.6; NO AMH test, AFC count of 2-5

Successful Protocol: Used SIRM's LA-EV2 with HGH, started stims at 750 IU, then 600 IUI, took 1 month of Estrace beforehand, only 5 days of 5 IU of Lupron, no BCP. DH and I had been taking CQ 10, pycogenol, resvertrol, B complex, Vitamin D for at least 3 months

Follies/Embryos Transferred: AFC of 2, 3 eggs retrieved, transferred 3 embies on Day 3 (two 8 cell, 1 6 cell) for triplets. 1st beta at 9dp3dt 57, 2 days later was 239

Clinic: SIRM STL with Dr. A

History (previous attempts, IUI's, TI cycles, m/c): Did 35 TI cycles, 3 IUI's with 100 mg Clomid and 5 mg of Femara all BFN, changed clinics from non friendly RE's, 1st IVF at SIRM canceled (AFC of 3, 1 follie; used mid stims, too much Lupron, BCP), 2nd IVF successful up above. Did acupuncture for 9 months with herbs but did not see any difference.

Advice: Do NOT stay with a RE who says high FSH causes miscarriage, go to clinic that doesn't treat you like a leper, dont get a lap unless you will never do IVF and even then be so careful that they dont touch your ovaries,

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