Before they discovered high FSH

January 26 2012 at 3:42 PM
MargieD  (no login)

Response to IVF

Age: 34

Other diagnoses: Endo

FSH/AMH Readings: Elevated - at least 10 - but 1 1/2 later after DD was born - it was 20 (and, of course, higher)

Successful Protocol: Can't remember - but your basic protocol with BCPs

Follies/Embryos Transferred: 9/1

Clinic: Local RE in the Midwest

History (previous attempts, IUI's, TI cycles, m/c): 3 years TI, 2 years medicated IUIs, drugs, etc. (RE office was disorganized)

Advice: Advocate for yourself.

Bad REs can make High FSH feel like a death sentence. It's not. You have to find the right RE who actually knows this stuff (and it doesn't hurt to educate yourself as well).

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