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DD was an IVF baby... so pretty sure... :-)

February 3 2012 at 6:48 PM
MargieD  (no login)

Response to How sure were you about your conception date?

I was 35, I believe, when I had her. (I get the birthdays messed up....)

Yes, I did have her naturally (if you mean - no C-section). I went in the night before to have the drug thingie inserted inside me. Didn't work. Next day was told to shower and eat breakfast and they started pitocin. Took allllllllllll day. They kept upping my dose. I finally asked for the epidural because I was just worn out from everything. (We tried for two weeks to induce naturally. I had a bubble put in. I even walked 5 miles the day before...) As you know - pitocin isn't fun. They also broke my water. For most women, the epidural slows things down, but for me (and apparently you), it sped things up. After about an hour or two, they "lost" the heartbeat - had to readjust the belt until they realized that she was starting to crown. Started pushing - for maybe 15 minutes - and she was out 15 minutes before midnight. YAY! (And I was very happy about that because if she was born 15 minutes later, she would have been born on our wedding anniversary. Hope to never divorce... but you don't want that on a kid.... hehe...)

My parents said that all three of us kids were late. My mom couldn't remember how late, but l-a-t-e. She wasn't sure but she even thought one of us was a whole month late. Back in those days, they let you come out when you wanted to.... but these days, they induce at 42 weeks or sooner.

I also went with an OB-GYN practice with 3 midwives on a midwife actually facilitated the delivery process.... (My mom was livid when she found out about this but got over it.) I also had every intention of doing a water birth and was set up to do this... but when it came to right to the end - it couldn't happen. I think the midwives were trying to accommodate my wishes as well as long as the baby and mom (me) were healthy. Of course, once I got on pitocin, I was hooked up to everything and that wasn't fun...

We told the RE that the IVF baby came late and they just could NOT believe it. Said it was unusual.

Maybe you could talk to your OB-GYN?? Find out what his/her views are??

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