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Re: Karma - I will pray for you

February 29 2012 at 12:58 PM
Good news for me  (no login)

Response to Karma - I will pray for you

Yesterday the neurologist confirmed that my Cat scan was clear. The blood clot issue they felt they saw was not evident in the scan thank god.
So it leaves me with why the persistent headaches? They feel it has been the same headache that has not gone away due to such an increase in hormones from the pregnancy.
Interesting is they found these 'white markers' on my brain that many migraine sufferers have, but they do not have enough testing to determine how they are caused or what impact they have.
So for now, I have a new 'preventative' med which is ok for breastfeeding.
Such a crazy few days. I appreciate all of your support- and very happy life is back to 'normal'.

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