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I would get a NST

March 7 2012 at 1:04 PM
Sarah in Seattle  (Login SeattleSarah)

Response to think i'm getting braxton hicks

hi Amy,

I've been following your story and I am so thrilled for you. I do think you should go in and get a nonstress test just to measure your activity. I had preterm labor with both of my miracle babes, with my daughter it started at 25 weeks and I was put on strict bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy. I also had to take a drug called nifedipene to stop the contractions, and take advil every 6 hours, and drink tons of water. It doesn't hurt to go get monitored for an hour just to make sure these really are B-H contractions and not preterm labor. I'm not meaning to alarm you, just speaking form experience those little contractions you feel are not always just B-H. I have what's termed an irritable uterus, but because of great medical care both of my babies were born perfectly healthy and both made it to 38 weeks, at which point I was taken off all meds because they were considered full-term.

Take care,

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