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My birth story (long)

March 30 2012 at 4:54 PM
cbsgirl  (no login)

It seems like longer than threesince my little boy arrived! And, before too much more time passes, I want to share his birth story.

First off, I had a c-section scheduled for March 12, a day after my due date, given my doc's vacation schedule. I had one last doc appt on March 8, which included an u/s, and asked DH to go with me at the last minute, as I figured it was one last chance to see our baby on the screen. The u/s seemed to go fine for the most part, but then the tech mentioned the baby wasn't moving as much as she would like. She wanted to try a couple of things to get him/her moving, including drinking a glass of ice water, but nothing seemed to work. This baby was not going to budge!

We met with the OB after the u/s and she was concerned enough about the lack of movement to send us to the hospital for fetal monitoring and thought the baby needed to come out within the next 72 hours and might need to be delivered that day depending on the monitoring. We stopped by the house on the way to the hospital to get my bag - just in case.

Fetal monitoring went fine. The baby was moving well and heart rate was good. I was hoping to come back the following day for my c-section, as I wasn't sure I was really ready for the baby to be here. The OB at the hospital handled things well when it came to discussing delivery, as she indicated that I could go until the next day, however she was worried that I would be worried if the baby didn't move much overnight. And, she said baby was term and the lack of movement was a sign it was ready to come out. She was also concerned that there might be some calcification of my placenta given age. That did it for me. So, we were on for a c-section at 3, as I had breakfast that AM and they needed an 8 hour window with no food.

I was totally calm walking back to the OR. Somehow it didn't seem real that my baby was about to make his/her entrance into the world. Although I didn't know the gender, I was convinced I was having a boy and my intuition was correct. Patrick James was born at 3:55pm and was screaming his lungs out instantly. He had a full head of hair, which wasn't picked up on u/s, and it was copper in color with blond roots. And, the nurses were all commenting on how handsome he was happy.gif Everything about him is perfect and I am totally in love!

I am still dealing with some minor incision issues, but overall feel really good post c-section. I am probably overdoing things a bit, but that is life sometimes. We are having some breast feeding issues, mainly related to his suck/seal, and I am hoping we can get them worked out, as I am not a huge fan of the exclusive pumping idea - esp given the stress level I am under at the moment.

And, while there is/was tons of joy with our miracle boy's birth, I can't write about his birth without sharing some sad news. Patrick was conceived while I was helping to care for my sister last year, who had stage iv uterine cancer. My pregnancy was a lifeline for my sister, as she wanted to meet this baby more than anything in this world. She fought an incredibly hard fight against a very rare and aggressive form of cancer and should have died a couple of times over the past 13 months. She took a turn for the worse the morning he was born and we knew the end was near that day. I was able to take him to meet her on March 18 and she died on March 24. Her wish had been fulfilled and the circle of life was complete. It was a bittersweet moment and my heart is broken that she is not here to be a part of his life on Earth. I know she is in a better place now and is Patrick's guardian angel, as I know he would not be here without her.

I have to say without a doubt that my boy is a miracle and I encourage everyone who is still struggling to conceive to not give up! Have the hope... cbsgirl

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