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Thanks for posting your story.

April 17 2012 at 7:35 PM
KarenGH  (Login krgh)

Response to Re: My IF Story

I think these positive outcome stories are so helpful, especially for relative newcomers to the boards. It is important for those whose RE's have given them gloom and doom with relatively normal (in my opinion) FSH levels in the lower teens and tried to immediately push them into DE (which I think they do to help their stats and make money). It is also important for those with elevated and VERY elevated FSH levels to see that there still can be a positive outcome, particularly for the "youngsters" under 40. Sometimes, just finding the right doctors is the key.

I believe Dr. C.heck is a very special doctor and you are one of his success stories. I knew your other RE had helped you by doing a retrieval at the 11th hour, but I didn't realize that he was so generous and came in on a Sunday to check things out. He sounds pretty special, too.

(And, if I didn't know you were in a different location, I'd swear that your pathetic RE who made the errors was my local RE. But, alas, I only have one local RE office that messed up my monitoring a number of times and prevented me from getting the best chances with C.heck. I'm so glad you had another alternative and were able to have a succesful cycle!)

Please come back and update us.

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