congrat and advice on P4

May 3 2012 at 9:19 PM
Anna  (no login)

Response to Well...good news and bad news with P4

Teresa congrats. I am so happy for you.

About P4, take P4 and call Cooper and say you were their patient back in January and now you got prg naturally and would like them to monitor P4 and E2 for you. NO OTHER CENTER is so restrict about P4. I am sure cooper will accept to do your monitoring, its a $375 fee and you will do blood every week till week 20 (at least thats how I did it) I am 16 weeks and they just took me of the P4 2 days ago, they dont stop it al the sudden they decrease gradually and now I am on my own. I still have to do couple of more blood work with them so they can trust my body and make sure theP4 level is steady. I didnt tell my OBGYN because I am sure he would disagree with cooper, I just went with cooper. And when you are with cooper you dont need to see an RE you can just go to your OBGYN and the blood work is not as stressful as it is during the cycle one day here and there doesnt make that much difference and things are more flexible. Also the prg nurse at Cooper is very nice and supportive.

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