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May 7 2012 at 4:09 PM
Anna  (no login)

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Yes, I am totally with you about stress and BILLSOh my gosh dont even get me started on how much I have spent so far. Any how I respect any decision you make and I am sure only you know whats best for you but I am just going to share my experience with OOT with cooper and pregnancy:

1-Everything for me after pregnancy was covered by insurance because they bill them under pregnancy not fertility. the only extra cost for me was $350 monitoring fee.

2-My local RE was monitoring me as well and I didnt feel like sharing what cooper is doing with them. Same thing with OBGYN later on, after 12 weeks I asked him to check my P4 and he said its not needed and I said ok I just go with cooper on that.

3-The blood and ultra sound are not as intense as IVF or IUI. They usually say do this blood in a week and many timed I do them 1 day sooner or later if going to get a blood work at the exact day they told me didnt fit my work schedule.

4-Many times I get the call back the day after I did the blood work (well its because I am CA and 3 hours ahead and by the time the results get ready the pregnancy nurse is gone) and it was not a big deal. one day here and there isnt that critical after you are pregnant (in my experience and cooper was OK with this and my case, of course each person is different). So bottom line is it didnt cause me so much stress beside the time my P4 dropped, and the pregnancy nurse assured me that it was no big deal but I still freaked out.

In any way I am sure any decision you make is the best for you and dont stress yourself for it. and it seems like your local RE is monitoring your P4 well.

Good luck.

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