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CoQ10?progesterone?(m/c mentioned).

May 10 2012 at 11:09 PM
Anon  (no login)


I'm 42. Been TtC for almost 5 years. Several rounds of ivf w/o success. Had a natural pregnancy last fall that ended in mc at 7.5 weeks.

I think i may be pregnant based on hpt today. Will test again tomorrow morning.

Last pregnancy, RE told me to stop baby asprin once i got positive test result. He also said i didnt need progesterone since it was a natural pregnancy. Am thinking i should push for both baby asprin and progesterone this time. Is there any downside to taking baby asprin? What abot progesterone - can there be too much? I also take coq10. - ok to continue?

Thanks and please keep me in your prayers.


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