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Dipping a toe onto the pink board...

May 14 2012 at 1:42 PM
Erin  (no login)

Hi Guys- I've been lurking here for a while to keep up the hope, but have been on the white board since early last Fall. I just got my first ever BFP (!) on my 4th IVF and will likely have some questions so I wanted to introduce myself. I've had two betas so far (first on Friday hcg was 113.5, E2 255, Prog 62; today- 3 days later- hcg=358, E2 225, Prog 42- nurse said this was fine, but I'm a little concerned). I feel like I'm "fake pregnant" b/c I have virtually no symptoms- just cramping, occas. a little tired, some leg achiness (which apparently my mom had as well) and mildly intermittently sore boobs. Other than that I'm fine. Is that normal? I've never done this before! I'm also worried about whether C.ornell will follow my E2 and Prog closely enough (I'm on 1cc PIO + endometrin 100mg 2x/day, and 1 E2 patch/week but I'm wondering how long they'll let me continue and I'm just about out of patches...). Thanks in advance and hope all of you are well!

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