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The only thing I can think of....

May 15 2012 at 7:21 PM
AJ  (no login)

Response to Thank you and a little update

is that maybe your RE (who acted like a a--hole by the way) is basing his expectations on your HCG level. I say this because during my last m/c, I was waiting it out to see if anything grew beyond a gestational sac. My OB said that with my rising HCG, which was in the 10,000's that he would expect a h/b by then.

Now mind you, by this time I was 8 weeks, so well beyond where you are. I think in your case though, the fact that you're only 5 weeks trumps your HCG level. I appreciate a Dr. not blowing smoke and keeping you cautiously optimistic, but this guy was out of line. I'm glad your DH called him on it and that he called to apologize.

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