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pardon my french but this is...

May 16 2012 at 9:07 AM
ZakiaZ  (Login ZakiaZ)

Response to Re: I am so sorry

bs coming from your RE.

"RE assured me i ddn't need it with a spontaneous pregnancy."

your P4 level is your P4 level regardless of how you got pg. If you need support you need it, period.

Personally, I would request P4 support for future pgs. and if your RE objects then look for another RE.

I totally agree with JM about the progesterone.

You do have hope. I gave birth to two OE babies at 42 and 44 after 3 losses. I think you do still have "good" eggs in you though I seriously question the "good egg bad egg" theory. I think it's more related to the hormonal process on the whole. As one gets older, this gets more wonky and compromises healthy egg development. I don't think that eggs are 'bad' but the hormonal process that helps eggs to grow, can go "bad". Too much to get into here.

If you go the DE way, be sure to post on the DE board. There is a lot of support on there.

So sorry for your loss.

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