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glad to hear!

May 22 2012 at 1:41 PM
jkl  (no login)

Response to I have available:

That you have a little bean in the uterus. Don't worry about the dates, I think it's +/- 3-4 days, I would only worry if it differed by a week or more. The measurements are not accurate, especially at that age because it's so small.

I understand worrying about the E2, I was worried mine was low for a previous pregnancy. I don't even have levels for this pregnancy. But my point was, I'm not sure what level you would even want it to be since there is no info on this.

Sounds like you have refills that would take you to 10 weeks or so?

You should start interviewing OBs and see how they respond to your questions--obviously you are going to want one that understands this is stressful pregnancy for you, you want one that is totally reassuring.

I just made my ob appt and couldn't get it until 11 weeks! I'm really annoyed. I don't even love my ob and would like to see another in the practice but that is awkward. So it's good to find one that you like right off the bat.

Good luck on your appt next week, that one is stressful but everything looks good!


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