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May 22 2012 at 10:29 PM
juliemam  (Login juliemam)
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Response to Dilemma...advice greatly appreciated

I didn't have an ectopic but worried greatly about it because I had read that having endo can be a factor (I have stage 4--I HAD stage 4, seems to be gone now. AF too, now. heh. I'm 43--a bit early for menopause but what the heck)

if the cramps get progressively worse, more painful, then that is something to be concerned about.

(forgive me, I don't know your history) is this your first pg?

when I was pg with my DS, I was so crampy that I was convinced it was an ectopic yet the pains stayed in the same intensity level so had to trust that the nurses I spoke to knew their stuff (ya know?? so hard to trust after our long journey. I blame you one bit to want to have a good look-see)

It is true that at 5wks it's hard to find that little nubbin so if you do manage to have your RE do an u/s, maybe schedule it for week 6? as long as the cramps don't get worse.
If you do have to go see your OB with proof of ectopic (knock on wood!) then you can go with confidence that once again, you had to be pro-active and get to the bottom of things where it should have been your Dr who should have.
when it's seen that the nubbin is in the womb, well, does your OB have to know you had a 5-6wk u/s? noooo way happy.gif unless RE sends a report...

I suppose what you can do is present at the hospital during evening hours and see if they'll do an u/s and blood work. That way you don't have to go see your RE... Besides, isn't that what women have to do (go to the hospital) when a problem is suspected during a pg?

I think (in my case, don't want to speak for you or others) happy.gif that the cramps are the pg hormones kicking in, relaxing everything, loosening everything up. I had shooting pains, hot-needle-like pains, stretching pains, AF cramps--lots of those. Being pg isn't easy, for me it was painful alot of the time, not to mention the nausea and how fun that was.

I can understand your worries and fears. HAng in there, be sure to drink your water (8 glasses of fluid, count them because enough water really does help and you really need it. your blood volume increases and the amniotic fluid needs it)

Keep us posted


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