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May 29 2012 at 7:06 PM
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I've been taking it for weeks now no issue, barely any leaking Today I'm putting it in and 1 minute later it's dripping out if me but BAD. And I've been lying down all day. It's gushing. Tmi but ive been wet down there all day . I just put the last one in for the nite abd its leaking out if me and im freaking and no i dont want to call my dr for this so hoping someone will help me please...I'm wondering 1. If its some other clear fluid other than the endometrin and 2 if it's leaking out am I getting what I need? Ugh! So tired of constantly worrying about everything does it ever end? Today has been a bad day I'm worried I've miscarried since seeing the hb last week I guess I am haunted by the past and that it's going to happen again. Thanks!

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