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Oh wow...what an RE visit!!! (long)

May 31 2012 at 8:02 PM
Laura  (no login)

So, first the good news: A tiny little dot measuring 5w3d (I'm 5w5d by my LMP) even had a teensy flickering heart in it. It was so small, I thought the sac was empty at first. So, uterine pg: check! I can leave town without being stressed whenever I feel a twinge.

And now the story. I'm so never ever going back to this RE's office. I had to wait 30 min in the exam room with no pants on first of all, and then the nurse walks in, not even the RE. I tell her my story; I'm about 5 weeks pg, having some stabbing pains on one side that feel totally new, my OB can't have u/s done until 8 wk, but I'm leaving town for weeks 7-8 so I wanted to get this all cleared up before I left town. We had the following conversation:

"so, you were pg a while ago. what happened?"

are you serious, lady, do the math. "I had a miscarriage"

"Oh, I'm sorry, but now you're pg again?"

OMG do you even have ears. "yes. about 5 wks."

"Well, we want patients to have a positive blood test before they come for u/s."

"I know, I had b/w done last week ordered by my OB when I first called her about the pain. I told the receptionist so he could pull the results from the lab last week when I made the appt."

"Who ordered that b/w?" seriously, this actually happened.

"My OB. When I first called about the pain. but she can't do anything more until 8 wk when I can be seen at the perinatal clinic. So I called here to get seen before I left town."

"Oh, we really don't like to overlap care like that. If you've already been seen by an OB, then you should be following up with your OB."

"I realize that, but again, because I'm leaving town, I just want to make sure my pg is uterine. My SIL had an ectopic pg with no bleeding, and perfect b/w until she was 10 wk and then lost her tube in the surgery. If I need surgery, I want it done before I leave town."

big sigh from her "Ok, well, I know what you want, and I'll do the u/s, but I have to send the report to your OB as a courtesy." huh? ok, whatever.

Then she tried to pressure me to do their in-house b/w (completely OOP) and I said "no, I want a slip to go to a contracted lab where I can do it for free." And had to get b/w AGAIN bc they're too lazy to call them in.

So ok fine, she obviously didn't like that I was gaming the system in a way, but it's called the internet. so maybe if patient care wasn't completely dictated by what insurance will pay for at what times, I wouldn't need to do this. The only thing to worry about now is that when she sends the report that my OB doesn't like, refuse to see me for "going behind her back" or something. I'm seeing her next week, so hopefully I can explain the situation. I totally wouldn't have done this if I wasn't going to be out of town for 2 very critical weeks.

Anyway, since they're too lazy to pull my lab results let's just hope they're too lazy to look up my OB's number and send the report to her.

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