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Worried.... Paging Mrs. A or anyone else!

June 14 2012 at 2:00 PM
Erin  (no login)

Hi Guys,
It's been a fairly uneventful pregnancy until now (I'm 8wks 5days) but last night I was tossing and turning with what I think were cramps (I was half asleep but I kept feeling something and then taking a drink, rolling onto my left side and falling back asleep). Today my groin area is a little sore, kind of like after some exercise. I had some GI upset over the past few days so I figured I may have been a little dehydrated. I got my E2 and P4 checked today and my E2 continues to rise but my P4 is significantly down- 31.9 today down from being mostly in the 50s over the past few weeks (and as high as 72). I haven't decreased my P4 support (on 1cc PIO and 2 endometrin 100mg supps/day) and I'm worried. I spoke to my nurse at C.ornell and she said I could up my PIO to 1.5cc/day- I also just took a prometrium tab I had lying around. I also called the OB office and they weren't too concerned either. Mrs. A- I know you said something about hormones starting to lower and throwing you into a tailspin... Does this sound like what you were talking about? There's been absolutely no spotting and I continue to have the mild nausea, fatigue and tender boobs I have had in the past. Should I be worried? Any advice? Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. Oh no! I know how you feel!!! - Mrs. A on Jun 14, 2:59 PM
    1. wanted to add - Mrs. A on Jun 14, 3:07 PM
    2. Thank you thank you!!! - Erin on Jun 14, 6:20 PM
  2. my progesterone dropped to 4.7 at 13 week pg and I have my sweet baby as a result! - Amy on Jun 14, 4:03 PM
    1. Oh Amy... - Erin on Jun 14, 6:14 PM
  3. I'm glad Mrs. A chimed in so quickly - smrc on Jun 14, 4:05 PM
    1. P4 levels and vag. supps ...wondering - Teresa on Jun 14, 4:27 PM
      1. You are correct...Endometrin does not show up in b/w - mel on Jun 14, 6:21 PM
        1. Thanks Mel- and a question - Teresa on Jun 14, 7:42 PM
          1. Teresa - mel on Jun 14, 11:33 PM
            1. Thanks, Mel! - Teresa on Jun 15, 7:45 AM
              1. Thanks, Teresa! :) - mel on Jun 15, 7:07 PM
      2. Thanks Teresa! - Erin on Jun 14, 6:33 PM
        1. Lol, Erin - teresa on Jun 14, 8:40 PM
    2. Thanks SMRC! - Erin on Jun 14, 6:22 PM
  4. You guys are amazing! Couldn't wait and got an u/s... ;) - Erin on Jun 14, 6:12 PM
    1. Aww! Glad you feel better! n/t - Teresa on Jun 14, 6:18 PM
    2. GREAT news - smrc on Jun 14, 7:31 PM
    3. Great news! - mel on Jun 14, 11:35 PM
    4. Ahh, so much better! :-) (note to Teresa, too) - Sara H on Jun 15, 9:03 AM
  5. Glad to hear everything is good! - b&a72 on Jun 15, 12:49 PM
  7. Lots of water! - Laura on Jun 15, 11:28 PM
    1. Thanks again everyone! - Erin on Jun 16, 2:26 PM