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Update: The waiting game.

June 15 2012 at 9:34 AM
Sara H  (no login)

Hi Ladies,

First, thank you so much for all the wonderful responses below, they were a great help and my meetings and appointments yesterday went much better for it, I feel, since I went in informed. Thank you.

Wow, how I have changed due to this board! A few years ago I would have said: "Well, they will tell me what I need to know and I should go with that."
Now it's:
"I'll educate myself first so I can ask good questions and get more out of the time... and they also know I'm not an idiot." happy.gif

And, I did not learn that lesson in high school why??? happy.gif

Anyway, there are some issues with the diet and my lifestyle but three meals so far and three successful low blood tests. This morning I tried the recommended breakfast, which had more carbs, and I am not so sure, feeling a bit shaky, we'll see what the meter says in an hour. Finger's crossed. I might be like Wells42 and not be able to do any carbs in the morning but I had to try. (I did eat my protein first, so hopefully?) Oh, my whole-grain Cheerios, how I will miss you...

In baby news:

I also had my scans... not so great this time. As of yesterday's scan the baby has not gained as much as we'd like. Baby was in the 54% three weeks ago but we are down to 39%... all the rest of the baby's body is right on track but the belly is 2 weeks behind and not gaining the fat it's supposed to. (Which is caused by the two vessel cord.) So, we have to keep following... but we'd be freaked if baby was gaining too much, too, which as you know is the fear with diabetes. So, just can't win for losing! (When babies doesn't get what they need to from the cord Nature diverts what the baby needs to the most important organs, heart and brain, and other areas start to fall behind. For right now it's belly fat, so that's not too bad, but we have to make sure it does not start to effect his other internal organs. As of yesterday kidneys and all looked good.) Yes, I know 39% is still fine, we just have to watch and make sure this is not a trend since that is the exact fear with 2 vessel cord babies.

They want to watch and wait for three more weeks, so they don't think it's too bad yet, but my OB said they might want to do early c-section if kiddo is starting to get too behind. So, not happy about that, and the weeks of NICU after, but glad they are on top of it. I just wish there was anything, anything at all, I could do to make it better. At least with the diabetes I can DO something, be on top of it, have some control. With the cord issue I am helpless. Very frustrating.

I also worry that, since diabetes makes babies gain weight and the cord issue inhibits weight that by controlling the diabetes I could be making babies growth slower? This did not seem to be an issue to the dr.s but how many cord issues + Diabetes do they get??? I know, new mommie worries, but still...

OK, so there is my vent. I am trying to stay positive and get on with it but this is really got me worried.
Agggg, if this is this bad now how the h#ll I am going to survive teen-ageer-hood!?! happy.gif

Thanks for reading, Ladies!
Sara H

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