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I am trying a mix...

June 19 2012 at 11:24 PM
Sara H  (no login)

Response to Me!

I knew a freind of my dad's who had a kid who heard tons of classical before birth (since both his parents are classical musicians) and at quite times they would play him the same stuff and he'd mellow right out.

We like both, rock and classical, though nothing too hard, so I have been playing a mix for our kiddo. (though DH wants me to play more Sinatra/Oldies and I am more mellow/classic rock and Sting kind's gal... so we have been mixing it up, though I do stick to one style per hour per day. I find sudden shifts of musical style jarring, I can only imagine Kiddo would, too!

I did not find anything about it being negative yet, as long as it's not too loud, which we don't play it loudly anyway. I will double check and ask the Dr.s this week.

I like the idea of s set playlist... but how do you pick only an hour of music you won't hate later when you hear it over and over to quite the kid... I'll have to work on that!

So far one of the biggest responses I have gotten was when the Hulk would roar in "Avengers"... can't even imagine what that sounded like from the inside! but we sure did get a bunch of wiggling and kicking. DH is convinced Kiddo will be a Hulk fan... we'll see! Maybe baby was kicking to say "Stop that racket!". You just can't tell!

Thanks for the input!
Sara H

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