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p4 levels (sorry for so many posts on this subject)

June 20 2012 at 4:49 PM
smrc  (no login)

I have hit the 15W mark and as of last Thurs C.ooper had me discontinue my p4 support (which was down to crinone 1x day at that point). I did a p4 check today and it is at 33.5 (down from a range of mid-40s to mid-60s). C.ooper told me NOT to be concerned, that a dip is normal, and to recheck in one week, but so hard not to be worried or want to go back on.

I will search for old threads, since I know others have been in the same boat, but any thoughts would be welcome.

Thanks and can't wait until the time comes that I finally feel secure about this pg (never? happy.gif).


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