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I think Wren's points are sooo important.

June 26 2012 at 9:18 AM
Sara H  (no login)

Response to Wow!

I'd be super careful, she had such great thoughts on this.

I will add that with this and any decision you make around TCC:

I would also try, and still do, to think about: What if I do this, how will I feel if there is a negative outcome? If I DON'T how will I feel?

In other words: Will you beat yourself up if this is not a successful cycle and you did not try it... or if you did? Either way you will have really considered it so hopefully you will feel good about your choice.

Does that make sense? For example: My DH and I did an IVF round, unsuccessfully, partly because we knew that, for us, if we got though all this and did not get pg and had not tried it we would always wonder and regret it. Then, we tried it, it was a failure, but we knew we had closed that door. For us we needed that. Make sense?

(Personally, I chose never to take DHEA but it was never prescribed to me, either. I would have been very leery, for exactly the reasons Wren is mentioning plus there can also, as I recall, be heart issues which already run in my family, so it was even clearer for me to pass. Do a search on the other board for DHEA and you'll find many similar discussions.)

Either way good luck to you!
Sara H

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