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Hi Erin, thank you and question for you~

June 26 2012 at 4:42 PM
Teresa  (no login)

Response to Hey Teresa-

Hi Erin,

Thanks for writing. My P4 has been in the 50's, steadily. No drop. Of course the Dr tells me its much higher b/c of the Endometrin not showing in the blood. However, I didn't get it checked last week or today (was supposed to and after the u/s and the chat, left without waiting for the nurse to come in and do the draw). So I'm not sure where it's at right now. I go back on Tuesday 7-3 for the NT test and I will have it drawn then.

I have thought SO MUCH about what you said for weeks now..(are we up-playing the importance of long term P4). My Dr would say unequivocally, yes, happy.gif I think there are those few scary stories that have stayed in my mind, haunt me. "Don't stop the P4" LOL
Last week, my OB wasn't in and I wound up being seen by the high risk OB/Maternal Fetal Medicine who is pretty well known here in NY. He told me not to worry about the P4 at this point, that it really could be stopped at 7 weeks but it's okay to come off at 12 if I'm more comfortable. He also said it's totally fine to stop cold turkey. It's just hard to trust and have faith in what they say when you hear the horror stories, you know? But you're right...its better to be sane than to be a wreck.

Question- Are you still on P4 and if so, will you be weaning off and at what week? What are your thoughts? I would love to hear because we are so close date wise with our pregnancies. When you get a chance...thanks again for thinking of me!


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